Purdue Agile Strategy Lab | Our Team
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Our Team

The Lab is a team effort – with a growing lineup around the Globe!
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Ed Morrison

Lab Director

The founder of the Agile Strategy Lab, Ed’s work has focused on developing new models of strategy specifically designed to accelerate complex collaboration in networks and open innovation. He brought Strategic Doing to Purdue in order to amplify its impact. [FULL BIO]


Scott Hutcheson

Associate Director

A social scientist who has studied and practiced strategy and collaboration since 1992, Scott Hutcheson’s focus is on designing tools and learning experiences related to collaborative, agile approaches for doing complex work. Learn more about Scott’s work. [FULL BIO]


Liz Nilsen

Senior Program Director

As the senior program director, Liz shepherds the expansion of the Lab’s programming and partnerships with other universities interested in deploying Strategic Doing. She also focuses on the development and growth of innovation and STEM education ecosystems.  [FULL BIO]

USC senior committee portraits

Mike Hefferan

Senior Advisor, Australia

Emeritus Professor Michael Hefferan PhD is an academic member of the School of Business at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Previously, Mike was the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Engagement) at USC.Mike is also an Adjunct Professor at the Queensland University of Technology. Mike, along with Pam, guides our Australia strategy.


Pam Wardner

Senior Advisor, Australia

Pam helps guide Strategic Doing development in Australia. She is a scholar-practitioner who has pioneered the adaptation of Strategic Doing to the Australian context. She earned her PhD in urban economics and economic geography which built on her knowledge and experience as a corporate executive, entrepreneur, and real estate developer. 


David Allen Moss

Senior Advisor, Brand Strategy and Design

As the Lab’s Design Director and Senior Advisor, David leads brand strategy and design initiatives, with a focus on integrating design thinking, agile strategy and strategic doing methodologies, across all channels and partner projects. He is the founding director of FUTURE Center for Design and Technology Transfer at CIA, Owner/Creative Director of MossMedia and a Purdue alum.


Duane Dunlap

Senior Advisor, Purdue School of Engineering Technology

Duane guides the Lab in our university engagement work. A national leader in university engagement. He holds the rank of full professor in the School of Engineering Technology with responsibilities of research and innovation for the Center of Technology Development. hHe serves the APLU as co-chair of the CICEP Innovation and Economic Prosperity Universities Working group. 


Kim Mitchell

Senior Advisor, Communities

Kim’s focus is structuring core teams that guide collaborations to increase community common good values. He is developing Agile Planning, a new strategy to grow community creative capacities and better connect planning with implementation. Kim is Director of the Center for Community Renewal, a strategic partner of Agile Strategy Lab, that supports development and replication of a relational foundation model of Community Renewal International. His work is informed by experience as architect, urbanologist, planner, design programmer, public engagement designer / facilitator, adjunct professor and artist.

FFC_28-02-2012_BETTER_BUSIN_02_paul collits_t620

Paul Collits

Senior Advisor, New Zealand

Paul Collits is a “pracademic” who has worked in regional development analysis, policy and practice for 25 years, in the three Eastern States of Australia and now in New Zealand. He has worked in universities, parliaments, all three levels of government in Australia and in consulting. His longer career of 30 years has also included working in research and analysis in government at national level, industry and politics. Currently he is Economic Development Projects Manager in Napier and Economic Development Adviser for Central Hawke’s Bay District Council NZ. He also has been an Adjunct Professor in the Business School at the University of the Sunshine Coast.  He has been co-editor of the Australasian Journal of Regional Studies. He is a Past President of the ANZ section of the Regional Science Association International, Australasia’s leading scholarly association for regional development and analysis. He completed BA (Hons) and MA degrees in political science at ANU and a PhD at the University of New England in geography and planning.


Eleanor Bloxham

Senior Advisor, Corporate

Eleanor Bloxham is a transformative leader who has influenced the practices of corporations, boards, investors, regulators and public policy makers, globally. As senior advisor, Eleanor advises the Agile Strategy Lab on major corporate initiatives. Eleanor is the founder and CEO of The Value Alliance and Corporate Governance Alliance, a board education and advisory firm, and the pioneer of a management approach that has been recognized as its own unique approach to valuing a company and focuses board and corporate resources on creating long-term sustainable economic value for the community and the company’s entire eco-system.

Nino copy 600

Antonino Ardilio

Senior Advisor, Technology and Innovation Management

Nino guides the Lab’s development of technology and innovation management platforms, frameworks, and tools. He has developed MarketExplorer and TechnologyRadar, two powerful platforms that help companies manage both technology and innovation. Nino heads the Technology and Innovation Management practice at Fraunhofer IAO in Stuttgart, Germany.

NKM press release photo 9-10-17-square

Noah Knox Marshall

Story Conceptualist

Under a different name, Noah Knox Marshall has been writing live-action and animated features in Hollywood for 15 years. His upcoming novel “Dax Zander: Sea Patrol” evolved out of a pitch for TV Animation. He has a great affection for science-fiction, space exploration and marine science, three realms that blend seamlessly in his forthcoming books. Noah lives adjacent to the ocean in Los Angeles, and enjoys a walk on the shore almost every day. Noah advises the Lab on designing interactive learning tools that equip K-12 students to design and guide collaborative teams in tackling technical and social challenges.

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Alistair Stewart

Senior Advisor, Manufacturing

A practitioner in the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) system, sponsored by the US Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Alistair is focused on engaging regional leaders to implement agile strategies. He has 30+ years of experience in improving manufacturing growth and profitability; his current specialties include accelerating intentionally good growth by developing regional, community and cluster ecosystems, and improving the collaborative advantage of manufacturers. He is an alumnus of the MEP center in Chicago, and rejoined the MEP system in 2015 as a Senior Business Advisor at the Montana Manufacturing Extension Center in Bozeman, MT. Alistair is also a Senior Advisor to The Chicago Corporation, an independent investment banking firm focused on providing middle-market companies with a range of financial and corporate advisory services.


Raquel Asencio, PhD

Research Fellow

Raquel is an assistant professor at the Krannert School of Management in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources. Her research explores teams in context, with a focus on the processes and properties that make teams function effectively as part of larger systems. Her research interests include multi-team systems, multi-teaming, collective identity and social networks. 

Brad Beach

Brad Beach

Senior Advisor, Corporate Development

Brad supports the Lab efforts to help start up companies and corporations see and apply the value of Strategic Doing and Strategic Diversity.  He joins the team after more than a decade of operations development and technology commercialization experience with multi-national, Fortune 500 companies. Brad’s experience includes achievements in transformation and change management, technology lifecycle management, new technology development, ERP systems development, and project management. Brad has a mechanical engineering degree from Purdue, as well as extensive corporate training in people management, business systems, and a variety of technical topics, including Continuous Improvement and Reliability Centered Maintenance.


Ernest Andrade

Senior Advisor, Ecosystem Development

Ernest was there at the beginning of Strategic Doing. Starting with not much more than a logo, Ernest founded (and is now the Executive Director of) the Charleston Digital Corridor by surfacing a handful of innovation assets and then linking, leveraging, and aligning them to point toward new strategic opportunities. He then followed an agile strategy discipline to scale toward the vibrant innovation hotspot Charleston has become today. The Charleston Digital Corridor is a public-private 501(c)6 non-profit corporation helping accelerate the tech economy is Charleston, South Carolina. He is also the co-founder of the CDC Education Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation focused on strategic (near & long-term) talent development. Originally from India and having grown up in Kuwait, Ernest is driven by his passion for measurable outcomes and excellence, challenging the status quo, embracing risk and working hard.