Scott Hutcheson

Scott Hutcheson, PhD, serves as a Senior Lecturer at Purdue University in the Technology Leadership and Innovation Department. He also co-founded Hutcheson Associates, where he is the chief social scientist. This training and consulting firm is dedicated to transforming organizations, communities, and ecosystems, enhancing their adaptability, innovation, and competitiveness.

In his academic role, Scott heads the undergraduate Organizational Leadership degree program and teaches graduate courses integrated into Purdue’s technology, business, and communication programs. He is also a mentor to doctoral students.

With over three decades of experience, Scott has collaborated with a multitude of organizations across various sectors in the U.S. and globally. His engagements include significant projects with entities like the White House, the Department of Commerce, the National Science Foundation, the USDA, and other federal agencies. These collaborations focus on developing and implementing strategies for addressing complex challenges in areas such as competitiveness, innovation, sustainability, and public health.

Scott’s educational background is diverse, with undergraduate studies in speech and theatre, a master’s focusing on inter-organizational collaboration, and a doctorate exploring innovative approaches to strategy and complex collaboration.

An accomplished author, Scott’s book, “Strategic Doing: Ten Skills for Agile Leadership,” published in 2019 by Wiley, was a #1 Amazon New Release in multiple categories and recognized as one of the best business books of that year. He is also a notable contributor to academic journals and regularly shares his expertise through keynotes and workshops at various conferences and events.