Agile Leadership

No matter your company or organization’s concerns, we’re guessing that a common thread runs through them – the need to find new ways to work together to tackle big challenges. The word most often used to summarize this ability is “collaboration” – but usually, that’s just a word tossed around all too quickly. True collaboration runs much deeper than that. It is a set of ten shared skills that together comprise agile leadership. And the good news is that anyone can learn these skills. The skills are simple, although they are not easy – they take practice to master.

We’ve taught them to (among others) scientists, engineers, business executives, high school students, healthcare practitioners, community activists, university administrators, local government officials, start-up entrepreneurs, and workforce and economic development professionals. Based on our experience, we’ve written a book, Strategic Doing: Ten Skills for Agile Leadership, and we’ve developed a curriculum based on the book. The skills work no matter what your level is within the organization, the sector in which you operate, or the size of your team – and our innovative, interactive curriculum can pass them on to you.

There are two ways you or your organization might access this tool:

  • An online course (which can be customized for specific sectors)
  • An in-person workshop with your team or organization. A member of our team will explain these skills and illustrate how each of them is used as part of the effective collaboration (and why we know that they work). We’ll give participants the opportunity to practice using some of the skills (the number depends on the length of the workshop) and some ways they can continue to develop as agile leaders.

If you are interested in learning more about Agile Leadership or would like to schedule an engagement, please connect with us here.

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