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Welcome to the Agile Strategy Lab, where we empower individuals and organizations to navigate complex challenges with agility and innovation. Our Strategic Doing certification programs are designed to enhance your strategic planning and execution capabilities, making you a leader in driving meaningful change.

Why Choose Strategic Doing Certification?

  • Global Recognition: Certification from the Strategic Doing Institute, renowned worldwide for setting the standard in strategic collaboration and agile leadership.
  • SHRM Certified CEUs: Earn Continuing Education Units recognized by the Society for Human Resource Management, enhancing your professional credibility and career opportunities.
  • Impactful Learning: Join a vibrant Community of Strategic Doers and apply what you learn to make a real difference in your organization and beyond.

Certification Pathway

1. Strategic Doing Practitioner Training

  • Format: Choose from online asynchronous (8 weeks), online synchronous (four 4-hour sessions), or in-person (2.5 days).
  • Outcome: Master the skills needed for agile leadership and collaboration, leading to replicable and sustainable outcomes.
  • Upcoming Classes:

2. Certified Workshop Leader Training

  • Eligibility: Available to those who have completed the Practitioner Training after November 2016.
  • Duration: 12 weeks, with 10 weeks of activities and 2 additional weeks for catch-up if needed.
  • Format: Online, flexible learning with optional Zoom discussions.
  • Focus: Learn to develop and deliver a Strategic Doing workshop, enhancing your skills and enabling you to guide groups toward effective collaboration.
  • Support: Benefit from personalized 1:1 coaching and a comprehensive curriculum.
  • Certification: Upon completion, your project will be reviewed by a panel of certified professionals for approval.
  • Upcoming Classes:

Benefits of Certification

  • Career Advancement: Stand out in your professional field with specialized skills in strategic planning and agile leadership.
  • Skill Acquisition: Gain practical tools and methodologies to implement effective collaboration and innovation strategies.
  • Organizational Impact: Drive significant improvements in collaboration, innovation, and strategic outcomes within your organization and community.

Course Details and Registration

  • Lead Instructor: Taught by our team. Varies by session. Meet the team:
  • Certification Validity: 2 years, with opportunities for renewal and continuous learning.
  • Schedule: Offered quarterly, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.
  • Cost: Varies for the Classes. See course description for details.

Join Our Community of Strategic Doers

By becoming certified, you can access a global network of professionals and leaders committed to effecting positive change. Take advantage of ongoing learning opportunities, resources, and support to continue your growth as a Strategic Doer.

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