Strategic Doing

What are Strategic Doing Workshops?

Strategic Doing Workshops guide collaborative networks that generate innovative solutions and create shared value.  Workshops use a strategy discipline that is lean, agile, and fast—just what organizations, businesses, universities, communities, and regions need to survive and thrive. In many cases, it can become an “agile strategic planning” process to replace time-consuming, expensive plans that may never get activated. By the end of the workshop event, the participants will each have an action step and a time to meet. Your plan is underway often in less than 4 hours. The workshops to date have included as few as 6 and as large as 200 people.

Strategic Doing Workshop


How do Strategic Doing Workshops work?

Our team works with you to help design and implement Strategic Doing Workshops. The workshop can be in-person or online.  Our clients include higher education, civic organizations, government groups, and corporate businesses.  Specifically, they are groups of people looking to collaborate and implement actions.

How our workshops have helped:

Organization Situation Results
Transform Rockford Needed to accelerate the innovation ecosystem Several teams completed projects faster and more fully than in past work
Platform Calgary Wanted to bring over 50 organizations together Teams find new ways to leverage their organizations
TexAmericas Center Needed a Strategic Plan The workshop and follow-up achieved more significant results growing the organization
Shoals Shift Develop a digital knowledge economy Over 50 events and over 200 people involved in transitioning the region
Bradley University Integrating two departments Formed 6 action teams


What are people saying about Strategic Doing Workshops?

"My work as an urban planner changed after experiencing a Strategic Doing workshop.  The workshop experience and subsequent work helped me see how to co-create and advance ideas and strategies with others.  As a result, I've embedded the ten agile leadership skills into my practice to help clients develop actionable roadmaps to implement their projects.  If you have waning hope in addressing challenges or are frustrated by previous change initiatives, then I encourage you to experience a Strategic Doing workshop."  -- David A. Sidney, Place Foundry

How ASL Helps Deliver Strategic Doing Workshops?

The ASL team can assist you with planning your workshop and be at the event to guide the session. We have people who are ready to help you with executing a new way to think, behave and do that brings a strategic action plan to life.