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The Agile Strategy Lab is engaged in exciting work to use the Strategic Doing method in ecosystems through building a dynamic digital platform called Ecosystems,  that creates a new visual language to communicate and demystify ecosystem building. Our work follows a path that democratizes innovation. We envision a new form of "civic infrastructure" in communities that fosters, educates, and enables all people, regardless of location, education, socio-economic status, or technical sophistication, to develop and participate fully in entrepreneurial ecosystems. We have completed the concept phase; the next step for the team is to move to a minimally viable software product.

Globally and locally, we are faced with a growing number of complex and complex, dynamic challenges. Wicked problems have surpassed our ability to respond in a timely fashion. Only as a society, through collaboration and a joint commitment of resources, skills, and assets, can we hope to match the pace of change. Thankfully, we no longer think of innovation as a solitary pursuit.

Lone entrepreneurs will not solve the world's problems. Instead, we see networks of individuals, organizations, and institutions fostering and cultivating an ecosystem of resources and generating ingenious solutions. Participants in an ecosystem can quickly link, leverage, and align people to create solutions to systemic issues.

Ecosystem building is not new. However, the capability to shape, influence, and manage such complex, dynamic, and intangible knowledge assets, remains elusive. The Kauffman Foundation presented us with a challenge. Could we use Strategic Doing -- an open-source operating system for complex collaborations -- as the foundation to replicate and scale the development of entrepreneurial ecosystems? After six months of discovery and design work, we conclude: Yes.

To learn more about this exciting project, contact us.

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