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In today’s world, collaboration is essential to meet the complex challenges we face. Strategic Doing enables leaders to design and guide collaborative networks that generate innovative solutions and create shared value. It is a strategy discipline that is lean, agile, and fast—just what civic organizations, businesses, universities, communities, and regions need to survive and thrive. In many cases, it can become an “agile strategic planning” process to replace time-consuming, expensive plans that never go anywhere.

What is Strategic Doing?

Strategic DoingIt is a new strategy discipline specifically designed for open, loosely connected networks. Unlike strategic planning, which was developed primarily to guide strategic activity in hierarchical organizations, this approach is designed for situations in which nobody can tell anybody else what to do. Collaboration is the only way to move forward. Even in companies in which there is a “central authority,” often the work of innovation – moving into new markets, products, or transforming an institution – requires a different kind of working together.

How does Strategic Doing work?

This process works by teaching simple, but not easy, skills of complex collaboration. The skills are simple to understand, but they take practice to master. We guide groups in using the skills through Strategic Doing workshops and courses.

Our experiences show that as the collaborations develop and participants learn from each other, the process advances quickly. Short, focused strategy reviews take place regularly, usually every 30 days or sooner. New versions of the strategy appear frequently as participants learn what works.

For organizations, communities, and regions that do not have a strategic plan, the process can generate an initial plan in a matter of hours with an intensively focused and custom workshop. The process quickly forms new collaborations among workshop participants and moves them into learning by doing. You’re not leaving planning behind – you’re doing agile strategic planning.

Where has this approach worked?

We have applied Strategic Doing in a wide variety of contexts: developing new market opportunities and industry clusters, designing regional innovation ecosystems, launching new workforce innovations, regenerating inner-city neighborhoods, revitalizing civic, non-profit, and faith-based organizations, and accelerating technology and market innovations. Check out our testimonials to learn more.

How do we get started?

You can explore two ways to get started below. Some clients do both- training and workshops. It is your choice, and we are glad to discuss your situation so you can make a decision that meets your needs.

Start the Certification Process to become a Strategic Doer.

Have our team run a strategic session using Strategic Doing.

Trainings - Learn Strategic Doing From Our Team

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You can get trained in Strategic Doing. Our courses include a comprehensive course named “Strategic Doing Practitioner Training” which is where you start. If you chose to continue learning you can become certified by taking our course “Strategic Doing Certification Training.” This follow-on course is recommended for people who plan to use the workshop method in larger groups within or outside their organization. Beyond certification is the Fellow Academy where participants learn how to teach the “Strategic Doing Practitioner Training” course.

Bringing Strategic Doing Directly to Your Location

At the Agile Strategy Lab, we understand the power of direct, personalized training in fostering the skills necessary for effective collaboration and agile strategic planning. That's why we're excited to offer in-person training, designed to bring our expertise directly to your location. Whether you're a civic organization, business, university, community, or region looking to navigate complex challenges through innovative solutions, our team is ready to help you learn and implement the practices of Strategic Doing. This hands-on approach accelerates learning and ensures that the strategies developed are immediately actionable and tailored to your specific needs and goals. Let's work together to transform how you collaborate and achieve shared success.



TexArkana Training

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Australia Training w/ ACRE

University of Delaware Strategic Doing Training

University Trainings

Workshops - Expert-Led Strategy Sessions for Your Team

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You can engage us to assist you with a Strategic Doing Workshop. We help you with designing your workshop experience. During a Strategic Doing Workshop, participants are led through a structured set of conversations and guided by workshop exercises in response to a convening question. At the conclusion of the workshop participants have developed opportunities with at least one outcome with characteristics and metrics, chosen at least one initiative or project, created a complete action plan, and have made a plan to meet again. A workshop is an active time of 3-4 hours with some preplanning sessions before the actual event.

A great way to start your Strategic Doing journey is to arrange a conversation in which we can start to explore your situation together and you can learn about how other organizations, communities, and regions have used the Agile Strategy Lab.

Want to Learn More?

Strategic Doing Practitioner Training

Learn more about Strategic Doing Practioner training, the core of learning how to engage in a Strategic Doing session with the language and tools in your toolbox. This program also offers a certificate, CEU's and is SHRM certified.

NEBF Strategic Doing Training

Strategic Doing Workshop Leader Training

Do you want to learn how to run your own Strategic Doing workshops? This training is for those who have completed the Strategic Doing Practitioner Training and would like to offer Strategic Doing Workshops.

Higher Education Strategic Doing

Strategic Doing Higher Education Training

Are you in higher education tired of creating and setting strategic plans on the shelf? This training is for those in Higher Education who want a strategic plan created by the willing and able to formulate a plan that can be completed.

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