Customized Organizational Assistance

Often, the work an organization needs to do is multi-faceted: for example, there is a need to think differently about organizational strategy but also questions about whether the team assembled is the right one. Or, identifying and pursuing a new opportunity for innovation is critical, and the organization’s leaders also know that being able to communicate coherently about this new direction will play a large role in the innovation’s adoption and ultimate success.

Other times, it’s simply unclear what your organization might need. But you know you need something.

The Lab Network can help you assess your needs and then use one or more of our solutions to help. And should we identify a need that’s beyond our expertise, we have partners around the world with first-in-class experience in technology adoption, human resources, sector-specific strategy, and more.

Which Labs in the Network offer this tool?

This tool is offered by both the UNA Agile Strategy Lab and the Purdue Agile Strategy Lab. The Network allows any Lab to make any Solution available. If you are interested in learning more, please connect with us here.

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