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The Agile Strategy Lab is your gateway to a world of innovation, collaboration, and agile leadership. In today's fast-paced and ever-changing landscape, organizations, nations, and our planet face unprecedented challenges. The Lab is at the forefront of addressing these challenges, offering pioneering insights and solutions that go beyond fixing old systems – we're all about creating "what's next."

Agile Strategy and Leadership: We believe that agile strategy and leadership are the essential drivers of change for organizations of all sizes. Strategy sets the course, and agile leadership empowers teams to navigate it with a focus on continuous learning and adaptation.

Collaboration Science: At the core of our work lies collaboration science, an interdisciplinary approach that blends design thinking, agile methodologies, innovation science, lean principles, social labs, asset-based development, appreciative inquiry, and collective impact. We explore how these elements can be harnessed to enable effective collaboration in a rapidly changing world.

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What We Do

From our home base at the Sanders College of Business & Technology, we've developed a suite of tools for individuals, teams, organizations, and communities seeking fresh approaches to complex challenges. Our involvement can take various forms, spanning from short courses and workshops to long-term partnerships. Whether you're enrolling in a course, exploring learning opportunities at a retreat, using our assessment tools, or tapping into our research base, we're here to help you make a positive impact.

Our History

Our journey began over a decade ago when our core team united at Purdue University, primarily assisting Indiana communities and regions with economic, community, and workforce development challenges. As our work expanded beyond Indiana's borders, we forged collaborations with the University of North Alabama (UNA), known for its work in technology innovation and ecosystem development. In 2020, we formalized our partnership by relocating our director and associate director to UNA, officially launching the Agile Strategy Lab at the university.

Current Focus Areas

Our work covers a diverse range of areas, including state workforce systems, interdisciplinary research, addressing the opioid crisis, nurturing entrepreneurial ecosystems, improving long-term care systems, innovating in food technology, managing technology effectively, reforming local government, and enhancing engineering education.

The Connection to Strategic Doing

Many of you may have encountered our work through Strategic Doing, and may have read the book by the same name. Strategic Doing is a powerful tool to help groups structure collaborative efforts. Co-authors Elizabeth Nilsen and Janyce Fadden are both at the Lab. While Strategic Doing remains a cornerstone of our offerings, it's just one part of our toolkit for building a better future.

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