“I had a strange urge to drop everything, and follow! This is very clearly a game changing way to approach a critical business function. It was just so clear to me why people get held up with planning and the pain of strategy meetings (yuk). I can’t wait to hear and learn more.”

Bruce Goad, Purdue University

“Boy, I gotta tell ya… The response to the training last November has been outstanding!  I can already point to several different examples of how the trainees have been putting the principles into practice.  Our Delaware Sea Grant SD-trained staff (me, Jame and Chris) conducted a mini-SD exercise at our advisory council meeting in early-DEC and according to one of our state senators who participated, it was the “best meeting this group has put on in the past 18 years!”

Ed Lewandowski, University of Delaware

“For me it was about behavior change. The reality of our innovation-driven world is that companies need to collaborate to compete. This as not a natural orientation for Lockheed or the companies in the NJ defense supply chain. Strategic  Doing gave us a roadmap – a set of protocols to start forming the behaviors companies need to compete in the 21st Century.”

Mike van Ter Sluis, New Jersey Innovation Institute

“The CommPlexity workshop was great!  Tools are taught that help researchers better present their research.  The practice time and peer feedback allowed participants to get real-time feedback and try adjustments in their approach.  I am confident that even our most experienced presenters in the group learned something new that will help them be successful.”

Carrie Berger, Purdue University

“I’ve been involved in strategic planning committees, and produced strategic plans that got filed on the shelf. If you use the tool, it focuses you on getting something done immediately or in the very near term – not just coming up with grandiose plans of things to do, none of which ever get started…I have recommended the process to the provost and upper echelon [leadership] as a way to do the overall planning for our new school of entrepreneurship.”

Mike Devine, Florida A&M University/Florida State University

“I’ve worked with other large companies trying to do open innovation, but this process is unique.  This is the most clear and concise open innovation process I’ve seen.”

Mark Scotland, 4.0 Analytics

“Thank you for yesterday! Your work is powerful – and so needed in organizations of all types today. Your process is simple and elegant – and most importantly effective. It build community and at the same time distributes leadership in a very powerful way. I wanted to shout “amen” over and over again yesterday many, many times!”

Kris Taylor, Consultant