To address the challenges of strategy in open, loosely joined networks, we have designed a simple strategy process that harnesses our collective intelligence and creates a shared commitment to act.

Traditional, linear and top-down approaches to strategy – strategic planning – do not generate shared understandings and commitments we need to meet our challenges. It’s too slow, costly, and inflexible.


Strategic Doing is different. Strategic Doing forms needed collaborations quickly, moves them toward measurable outcomes, and makes adjustments along the way. Participants figure out “what works” by launching experiments, which we call “Pathfinder Projects”, that begin to move them toward shared, measurable outcomes.

This fast, iterative process of rapid think/do cycles, identifies leverage points in the invisible, complex networks that surround wicked problems. People build trust in the bargain. As trust builds within the network, they become more productive. They link and leverage their assets. They spot opportunities faster and act faster.