Welcome FutureLearn Friends

If you’ve landed here that likely means you’ve been in our FutureLearn course Introduction to Strategic Doing: An Agile Approach to Strategy. If that’s the case we hope you found the content of interesting and engaging.

We’d like to invite you to pursue further study with us. There are two ways you can do that. One is to join us at one of our face-to-face learning experiences we call Strategic Doing 301: Leading Complex Collaborations. We offer this several times each year both in the U.S. and internationally. In the FutureLearn course we introduced to you the four questions of Strategic Doing. In this SD 301 we go much deeper into the discipline. You’ll about the Ten Rules of Strategic Doing that provide you with a specific methodology for answering those four questions.

Upon completion of the 2.5 day workshop you have the option to pursue further credentialling as a Certified Strategic Doing Workshop Leader, joining an international community of others SD practitioners. We feature our Certified Strategic Doing Workshop Leader Network on our Strategic Doing website and members of the network have access to a large collection of resource materials to support their application of Strategic Doing. We also host Practioner Conferences at which you can network with others who use Strategic Doing and learn about new research and content development the Purdue Agile Strategy Lab is working on.  We would love to have you join us. You can learn more about this offering here and see a schedule of dates and locations here.

If you work in a technology-related field and you are considering a graduate degree you might be interested in more information about Purdue’s 100% online Masters of Science in Engineering Technology. In this course we teach a 3-credit graduate course in Collaborative Leadership and Agile Strategy. The other courses are focused on cool topics like Cyber Security and Industrial Espionage and Technology from a Global Perspective. Despite having the word “engineering” in the title of the degree, you do NOT have to have an undergraduate degree in engineering! This program can be completed in two years. Learn more about that program here.

If neither of those are of interest at the moment, we urge you to stay connected with us by visiting our Strategic Doing website or following us on Facebook.

As a special thank you for participating in the FutureLearn course we would like to offer you a free download of a chapter of our upcoming book, Strategic Doing: Ten Skills for Agile Leadership. You can access the download here.