Lean Process Improvement

The great thing about going through Mark Robinson's training is that you know his expertise, he's able to sort of train the trainer on multiple people and kind of immediately build your capacity.  - Amber Paulk , Deputy Provost at the University of North Alabama

What is Lean and how can it benefit your organization?

There are many ways to describe what Lean is, but based on the St. Andrews definition it is simply "the right people continuously searching for the simplest and smoothest process in order to ​meet customer needs perfectly."

Below are some key factors that Lean helps implement in organizations and instuitutions:

  • Best alternative to layoffs and ‘cost cutting’​
  • A way of thinking and working​
    Cultural change​
  • Ownership, at all levels, for work ​
  • Management practices based on TPS​
  • Bridging silos and removing barriers​
  • Respectful toward everybody​
  • Nothing to do with ‘mean’​
  • About having the right resources in place​
  • Inclusive delivery of sustainable outcomes​
  • Outcome focussed​
  • Delivering more whilst consuming less

What is involved in a Lean Training?

Day 1 consists of four sessions which cover the basic elements of Lean, introduces you to a Lean process improvement model and how to scope a Lean process improvement project, and ends with how to implement Lean on a daily basis. Learning activities and discussion of case studies will be spread throughout the day.

Day 2 you will apply your learnings from Day 1 in a controlled situation as we simulate the process mapping and ideas generation and analysis stages of process redesign.

Over both days the many lessons learned in the last decade and a half of implementing Lean in Higher Education institutions will be shared.

Want more information?

Watch Mark give a brief overview on of Lean on one of our Third Thursdays here.

Watch Amber Paulk, Deputy Provost of the University of North Alabama, tell how the Lean process has transformed the college.

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