Janyce Fadden

Janyce Fadden is Director of Strategic Engagement at the UNA Sanders College of Business & Technology, which hosts the Agile Strategy Lab. She is a co-author of Strategic Doing: 10 Skills for Agile Leadership. Her role includes implementing an innovation pipeline strategy called Shoals Shift, an award-winning project, which received a significant Appalachian Regional Commission grant and named outstanding by the University Economic Development Association and the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi. In addition, using lean management techniques Fadden has been a key contributor with the Sanders College of Business & Technology’s graduate recruitment team whose work has resulted in doubling the MBA enrollment thus becoming Alabama’s largest program and increasing the university’s admissions growing enrollment for fifteen semesters running. She teaches Strategic Doing and facilitates workshops focused on workforce development, economic development, higher education, entrepreneurship, community development, rural economies, manufacturing, and nonprofits.