Jennifer Horn-Frasier

Jennifer Horn-Frasier- is a fellow at the Strategic Doing Institute. She is founder and principal at Bluebird Sky, LLC strategy consultancy, which helps people and organizations get to where they want to be. Equally at home in established systems and in startups, with the big picture and the details, and in for-profit and nonprofit settings, Jennifer is a skilled problem solver and facilitator. She focuses on strategic evolution—the art and science of imagining a desired future state, then mapping a path to achieve it. Jennifer became a Strategic Doing practitioner in 2019, a Certified Workshop Leader in 2020, and a Fellow of the Strategic Doing Institute in January 2022, and is now an active instructor for online and in-person Strategic Doing Practitioner Training courses. Prior to founding Bluebird Sky, Jennifer held roles including director of strategy and programs to launch and operationalize the brand-new ACT Foundation; director of marketing and communications with ACT, Inc.; product development and program manager for a suite of tests measuring workplace English communication skills for an international market; director of strategic workforce partnerships for ACT, Inc.; workforce development research program manager; and junior high and high school language arts teacher.