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Innovation Engineering

Do you want to help your employees learn a new set of skills, ones specifically related to seizing opportunities for innovation? Eureka Ranch’s Innovation Engineering, offered through the Agile Strategy Lab, is designed to just that.

Innovation Engineering is based on the concept of “systems thinking,” recognizing that innovation must be approached as a system of interconnected parts. Built on experience at Procter & Gamble and the pioneering of work of  W. Edwards Deming, Innovation Engineering provides a set of online learning opportunities around four themes:

  • creativity and problem solving
  • persuasively gaining engagement by others
  • commercializing innovation, or more simply, how to go from idea to reality
  • diagnosing and reinventing human work systems

Innovation Engineering can help any team, unit or company learn to “fail fast” – but also to “fail cheap.” A team of Stanford researchers identified Innovation Engineering as a “Breakout Innovation” – out-performing even IDEO.

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