Rapid Improvement with Lean Tools

You may have heard the term "lean," but it doesn't seem to apply to your organization - you don't "make" anything. Particularly for educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and local government, the traditional language of "quality improvement" and "lean" doesn't seem to fit your situation.
But...you know your organization has operational challenges. Are you looking to increase enrollment, sales, or numbers of individuals served? Improve prospect impact and conversion? Update administrative practices to effective results? Eliminate wasteful tasks? Meet accreditation requirements?
Join a new movement to achieve improvement. With our Rapid Improvement approach, your organization can implement "lean thinking" methodology to move from older, silo-ed practices to a transparent process that is focused on the end user/customer/client, while meeting administrative needs.
A multi-day Rapid Improvement Event (RIE) kicks off the process. We'll work with your team to map out the Current State, generate ideas for improvement, identify and remove waste from the process, and map out the Ideal Future and Interim Future States. At the end of the RIE, we'll make sure that the progress doesn't come to a stop when you're back at your desk: we'll help you team establish an action plan, including building a schedule of follow-up discussions to assure completion of action items.