The Lab offers both in-person and online training in its agile strategy tools:

Strategic Doing:

If you'd like to learn how to help teams address the "big problems" facing a company, a community, or an organization, our course "Leading Complex Challenges" is designed to do just that. The course is available in two formats: an in-person, 2.5 day experience in locations around North America and beyond (starting up again in summer 2021!) and as an online course over 8 weeks. You can enroll as an individual, or - if you'd like to bring the training to your organization or community - we can work with you to design a customized offering. You can find upcoming courses on the calendar; for a customized course, use the contact form to let us know and we'll schedule a conversation to learn more about your needs.

Agile Leadership:

If you're looking for individual professional development, our Ten Skills for Agile Development course is a seven-week online experience (count on a few hours/week). The ten skills can be used by anyone in any organization, at any level. The course is based on the book Strategic Doing: Ten Skills for Agile Leadership; the course builds on the book with engaging videos, an accompanying workbook to help you develop and practice the skills, and opportunities to interact with fellow learners in discussion forums and at "watering hole" videoconference discussions. Like the Leading Complex Collaborations course, you can enroll in an upcoming session individually, or contact us to discuss a customized version for your organization.

Coming soon: courses on Rapid Improvement Using Lean Tools, and certification to administer the AEM-Cube(TM), a tool to assess a team's cognitive diversity.

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