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The Agile Strategy Lab is ready to help you reach your goals, be they the aspirations of your company or organization, or your own personal development as an agile leader. We are based out of the College of Business at the University of North Alabama, but our work spans North America and beyond.

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The Agile Strategy Lab's work includes a number of offerings - each can stand on its own or form part of a more comprehensive change strategy in an organization.

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Strategic Doing: this process helps collaborative groups form quickly, focus on measurable outcomes to address complex challenges - and move into action immediately, with learning loops to promote continuous improvement. The Lab works directly with groups and trains individuals in using the discipline.

Strategic Diversity: using the right process isn't enough if you don't have the right team in place. Strategic Diversity goes beyond the usual categories to tap into cognitive diversity, ensuring that each person on the team knows how they most effectively contribute to a larger strategy and helping teams recruit the right talent. The AEM-Cube (TM), an online assessment, can be completed in as little as ten minutes, and is available for both individuals and teams. The online work is then followed up with an in-person or video debriefing presentation to unpack the lessons learned.

Agile Leadership: available in both in-person and online versions, our agile leadership offerings equip individuals with the skills to help their organizations thrive. We go beyond "good communication" and teach ten very specific skills that innovation and transformation require - no matter what the industry or discipline.

Rapid Improvement using Lean Tools: if you have a process you know isn't helping you meet your goals - but you're not sure what to do next - rapid improvement is designed to help. Rapid improvement borrows from the lessons learned by manufacturing companies, but adapts them for companies in other industries as well as other kinds of organizations, including higher education, government, and non-profit organizations.

Agile Innovation: Powered by our partnership with German technology leader Fraunhofer, this tool (more accurately, a set of tools) help firms identify and pursue the right technology to jump to the next innovation curve.

Innovation Engineering (IE): in partnership with Eureka! Ranch, IE is a groundbreaking program that provides a systematic approach to innovation.   IE allows you to build systems that make it possible, practical and easy for everyone to innovate, everywhere, in everything they do.  The fundamental concepts of the program include tools and methods for creating, communicating and commercializing meaningfully unique ideas. IE can be taught in as few as a couple of days, or can be offered as a full university-based minor - there are many options available. Our certified black belt trainers can assist your team in using the tools to improve your organization’s results.

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Success Stories

The work we do makes a real difference. Read more about some of the projects we've been involved with:

Shoals Shift: this regional economic development initiative, which uses Strategic Doing as its "operating system," has been nationally recognized for its impact in the Shoals area of Alabama.

Jacksonville State University: a faculty/staff team worked with the Lab to use the Rapid Improvement with Lean Tools process to map and improve their curriculum change process.

Smart Start: every year since 2015, UNA students using the Innovation Engineering methodology to identify and pursue entrepreneurial opportunities have worked with local mentors to launch new start-ups.

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Our Partner Lab


We partner with the Agile Strategy Lab at Purdue University. Under the leadership of director Scott Hutcheson, the Lab focuses its work in Indiana, in addition to offering a solution not available through the Lab at UNA: Commplexity. Compplexity helps individuals and organizations effectively communicate complex ideas and strategies to a wide range of audiences. 

Contact Scott at hutcheson@purdue.edu