The Agile Strategy Lab has many tools, each aimed at a particular challenge that you or your company, organization, institution, or community may be facing. How do you select the right one(s)? Reading the descriptions of each solution may help, but you can also consider the context in which you're operating to help sort it out.

We use the concept of the S-Curve to describe how organizations (and communities/regions) develop. At the beginning of the curve, the organization isn't yet contributing much value. Then, there is a period of rapid development - the product or service is widely adopted, or the community begins to grow with new residents and new businesses sprouting up. A period of maturity and relatively stability is at the top of the S-Curve. And then - without intervention - there is an inevitable period of decline. Successful and sustainable organizations or communities are able to "jump the curve" to a new period of growth.

S-Curves describe the development of companies, organizations, institutions, and even communities/regions.

Where are you right now on the S-Curve? The answer can help inform which of the Labs' solutions can help:

Just starting out, and need tools to help you exploit the opportunities in front of you? Strategic Doing can help you make the leap from a great idea (or a strategic vision or strategic plan) to a thriving, healthy organization; CommPlexity can help you bring in the resources you need to make it happen.

In a period of growth, but positioning yourself to jump to that next S-Curve (or, already declining and the need is urgent)? Strategic Doing, Agile Innovation, and Innovation Engineering all focus on identifying and capitalizing on new opportunities.

Need to optimize current offerings or operations so that they are scaleable and sustainable? Rapid Improvement with Lean Tools is tailor-made for this challenge.

Not sure where you are? OurGrowthCurve can help you sort it out.

In different places on the curve simultaneously (it's possible!)? We can work with you to tailor a set of solutions to meet your needs through our Customized Organizational Assistance solution.

No matter where you are on the curve, you need to make sure that your most important asset, your team members or employees, have the right skills and the ways of thinking that can help you thrive. Agile Leadership, Strategic Diversity, CommPlexity, and training in Strategic Doing are suited to this challenge.

Want to dig into the idea of the S-Curve more deeply? Check out this resource from Agile Strategy Lab director Ed Morrison.