Greg Potter

The Life Cycle of Collaboration -
Join Us On-Site July 30 - August 13

Join Greg Potter's class to master effective collaboration skills and gain practical tools for impactful teamwork.

Greg Potter
Agile Strategy Lab Classes

Strategic Doing Practitioner Training -
Join Us Online September 9 - November 3

Develop skills to turn talk into action and enhance collaboration with Agile thinking. Explore upcoming classes for new opportunities.

Strategic Doing Practitioner Training Ed Morrison Class BW

Strategic Doing Practitioner Training
Agile Leadership & Collaboration

Become a Certified Strategic Doer or Certified Workshop Leader, or have our team onsite running a Strategic Doing Workshop for your next collaboration project. 


Strategic Doing Practitioner Training : In-Person with Agile Strategy Lab

Experience hands-on Strategic Doing training in person at the University of North Alabama. Gain actionable collaboration and strategy skills from the experts behind the Strategic Doing Training book. SHRM-certified.

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September 9 - November 3 Strategic Doing Practitioner Training (Online) – from the Agile Strategy Lab

Unlock the power of agile leadership with our Strategic Doing Practitioner Training – click to learn more and transform your teamwork skills today!

The Lab

Our clients gain results through our expertise and guided processes.

  • On-Site and Online Strategic Doing Sessions
  • Agile Training Programs & Collaborative Tools
  • Strategic Action Workshops
  • University of North Alabama Sanders School of Business and Technology


Over 50 client organizations have engaged ASL in the past three years in various industries:

  • Nonprofit
  • Educational
  • Government
  • Corporate & Healthcare
  • And more


  • Leading training provider in Strategic Doing and other agile tools
  • Equips individuals to address their organization's biggest challenges
  • Offers learning from the authors of "Strategic Doing: Ten Skills for Agile Leadership"
  • Training available in both online and in-person formats

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