Agile Strategy Lab at New Jersey Institute of Technology

For the past three years, we have been partnering with New Jersey Institute of Technology and the New Jersey Innovation Institute. We have been using them as a test bed for different tools and frameworks we have been developing with agile strategy, technology management and open innovation.  Now, NJIT and NJII are working with us to launch another pilot: an Agile Strategy Lab. They have launched a $7 million space as their Agile Strategy Lab.You can read more about the Lab here.

Through our partnership with NJII, we have piloted a number of different initiatives, including the integration of agile strategy with the frameworks and tools of technology and innovation management developed by Fraunhofer IAO. Our collaboration with Fraunhofer and NJII stretches back  three years.

Now NJII is following another innovation incubated here at Purdue: creating its own Agile Strategy Lab. The Lab is located in NJIT’s Central King Building. You can get an idea of the space from this video: