2019 AURP Leadership Roundtable

If you’ve landed here after attending the 2019 AURP Leadership Roundtable in Atlanta on November 5, 2019, welcome! Here are a few ways to learn more about Strategic Diversity powered by the AEM-Cube and Strategic Doing.

First, I would welcome the opportunity to have a phone call or web conference with you to give you a fuller debriefing on your AEM-Cube results. Connect with us here if that would be of interest and we can find a time that works for both of us.

Second, if you would like in learning more about Strategic Doing, a good place to start is by reading Strategic Doing: Ten Skills for Agile Leadership (Wiley, 2019). It is available from nearly all online booksellers including Amazon. You can find it here.

If you are interested in a deeper dive, you can attend one of our Strategic Doing 301: Leading Complex Collaborations trainings. You can learn more about the training here and find a schedule of dates and locations here.

Third, if you are looking for a customized workshop or training for your organization or community or for a keynote speaker for a conference or special event, we would love to discuss how we might help in those regards. Drop me a note so we can discuss.