Invite in the aard-VARK


The very first project of the Agile Strategy Lab – back when we were at Purdue – was overhauling its educational offering: Strategic Doing practitioner training. Strategic Doing had been…

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Plugging the “ingenuity gap”

A few years ago, there was a growing buzz about the “ingenuity gap.” The question posed by author Thomas Homer-Dixon was whether the world’s problems have outstripped our ability as…

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What’s Your Lego?

Modularity enables small things to grow into large things. Solar cells become solar arrays that become solar power stations. Modularity also makes sense to understand living systems. It’s a central…

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Car Talk: A Master Class In Either/Or Thinking

Years ago, when I was living in Cambridge, MA, I was a big fan of Ray and Tom Magliozzi, two MIT graduates who operated a car repair shop near where I lived. They launched a local radio show called Car Talk, and their show became a national hit.

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Unlocking Success: Exploring the Power of Structured Conversations and Decision-Making Methodologies

Australia Small

An exciting part of my work is when we introduce the ten skills of Strategic Doing and help others explore how they may gain more results through a structured conversation. At the Agile Strategy Lab, we are strong proponents that the quality of people’s work increases when they apply a methodology that takes the conversation from the beginning to the end.   

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A Brief Overview of Strategic Doing

Strategic Doing – a peer-reviewed, scientifically grounded practice — teaches the discipline of collaboration and strategy in open networks. The practice works well to develop collaborations across siloed organizations, multi-disciplinary…

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