Invite in the aard-VARK


The very first project of the Agile Strategy Lab – back when we were at Purdue – was overhauling its educational offering: Strategic Doing practitioner training. Strategic Doing had been…

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Plugging the “ingenuity gap”

A few years ago, there was a growing buzz about the “ingenuity gap.” The question posed by author Thomas Homer-Dixon was whether the world’s problems have outstripped our ability as…

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Jumping Curves

In our Strategic Doing trainings and in the book, one of the core concepts is the idea of “jumping curves.” Individual organisms, technologies, and economies all obey the principle of the S-Curve

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Helping teams become teams

luna moth on branch

How do teams become teams? Last week a friend shared a remarkable video of the moment when a luna moth emerges from its cocoon. As a brand-new moth, it’s ugly,…

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Learn the skills of agile leadership

In Strategic Doing: Ten Skills for Agile Leadership, we describe a set of specific practices that anyone can use to foster collaborative conversations – especially when facing challenging times, when…

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