Big happenings “down under” – Part 1

Lab director Ed Morrison reports on his just-completed trip to Australia:

A year ago, we were working shoulder to shoulder with Ted O’Brien in the rollout of a regional strategy for the Sunshine Coast.  At the time, Ted led a nonprofit organization, called Generation Innovation.  Working with over 1,000 youth across the Sunshine Coast, Ted framed an important strategic challenge: what would it look like for the Sunshine Coast to be the healthiest region on the planet?

We took that framing question and began a Strategic Doing workshop with over 200 participants. Out of that work, a few hours later,  over 20 teams formed to begin a wide range of initiatives.

Fast forward one year. Ted is now a member of Parliament representing the Sunshine Coast. We were fortunate to catch up with him over a weekend. We discussed our continuing engagement on the Sunshine Coast and how we wanted to build  the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem within the region. We pointed to the importance of Strategic Doing, a process that Ted, as a former private consultant, fully endorses. We look forward to working with them as we continue to build out the Sunshine Coast as the anchor of our Strategic Doing activities in Australia.

(note: we’ll have more on the many remarkable discussions from Ed’s trip – stay tuned!)

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