Bridging Continents: Agile Strategy Lab’s Australian Odyssey 2024

Australian Agile Strategy Lab work

Embarking on a transformative journey, the Agile Strategy Lab recently traveled to Australia to deepen our global mission of cultivating agile leadership and strategic collaboration. This expedition was a profound opportunity to connect, learn, and share our innovative methodologies with international counterparts, providing a richer, more globally-informed perspective on Strategic Doing.

Touchdown and Welcome

Our Australian adventure began with our arrival in Sydney, followed by a scenic journey to Albury and a heartwarming reception from our partners at the Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship (ACRE) in Beechworth, Victoria. Settling into the historic French Cottage, we prepared for enriching workshops to foster strategic agility and collaboration.

ACRE Training Beechworth Gaol

Refresher and Training Sessions

The series started at the Old Beechworth Gaol (prison for our US folks) with a half-day refresher Training. This session revisited the core principles of Strategic Doing, revitalizing our collective knowledge, and setting a collaborative tone for the days ahead. Subsequent days were filled with our comprehensive Strategic Doing Practitioner Training, engaging local leaders and community members in active, practical exercises designed to enhance their strategic capabilities.

Community Engagement in Bright

Venturing to Bright for a Community Workshop at Stony Creek Trout Farm, we engaged local stakeholders in hands-on activities that showcased the real-world applications of Strategic Doing. This setting provided a serene backdrop for discussions on community involvement and the pivotal role of strategic collaboration in fostering regional development.

Strategic Discussions and Conclusion: The journey concluded with strategic discussions back at ACRE, focusing on integrating Strategic Doing principles into ongoing and future projects. These sessions underscored the importance of sustainability and the long-term impact of our collaborative efforts.

Reflections and Forward Look: Reflecting on our time in Australia, we cherish the moments of connection and the insights gained from every interaction. This journey was about imparting knowledge and embracing the diverse perspectives that enrich our understanding of strategic collaboration.

Join Us: For those intrigued by the potential of Strategic Doing and eager to learn more about our future sessions, visit our website at Agile Strategy Lab. As we continue to explore new frontiers in leadership and organizational development, we invite you to join us in shaping a future where collaboration and innovation thrive across continents.