Partnership with the Digital Enterprise Society

We are excited about a new partnership that is emerging with the Digital Enterprise Society, the Purdue Agile Strategy Lab, and the Purdue Digital Enterprise Center. Digital transformation of any enterprise can be a challenge, harder seemingly, then it should be. Together, these three organizations are developing and customizing a set of tools and resources to help companies design and guide strategies for digital transformation.

You can listen to this podcast, Agile Strategy and Navigating Digital Transformation featuring Purdue’s Nate Hartman, Digital Enterprise Center Past-President, and Scott Hutcheson, Associate Director of the Purdue Agile Strategy Lab and faculty member in the Purdue Polytechnic Institute School of Engineering Technology, discussing digital transformation strategy.

You can read this column from the Digital Enterprise Society’s Industry Insider publication, Digital Transformation: Complex Dressed in Complicated’s Clothing written by Scott Hutcheson.

If you want to dig more deeply into digital transformation strategy you can also view this webinar from September 9, 2019 Digital Transformation: It’s Not Rocket Science…It’s Harder.

We are also discussing with them the possibility of customizing additional training and resources specifically for digital transformation strategy. Check back soon for more information.