Diversity Drives Innovation – But Not the Kind You Think.

We’re finding more and more value in the concept of “strategic diversity” – that is, the way in which team members’ cognitive preferences shape their roles on the team. Learning how to optimize that diversity can take your team from average to a true “innovating network” that can solve the toughest challenges.

The AEM-Cube(TM) – developed by our European colleagues at Human Insight – is an assessment of those cognitive preferences. Individuals taking the assessment will learn about how they can best contribute to a team; even better is a whole team taking the assessment and adjusting their assignments and self-management accordingly. Struggling teams will understand why they’ve gone off the rails, while already-strong teams will understand what they need to do to reach their most ambitious goals.

The AEM-Cube has been a valuable tool in Europe for some time – we’re excited to be bringing it to the US for the first time.You can explore the assessment by registering here – take just the assessment, or augment your assessment report with an individualized debriefing session.

Consultants will find particular value in using the assessment with their clients as part of a larger strategy development/execution engagement. “Personality profiles” aren’t enough for a group that wants to achieve transformative results – the AEM-Cube is designed for these challenging contexts. The Agile Strategy Lab can certify you to administer the assessment to your clients – join our first certification workshop April 16-17.

Questions? We’d love to talk with you.