Empowering Effective Leadership Through Strategic Doing

Caitlin Burns, the President of the Shoals Chamber of Commerce, attended the Strategic Doing Practitioner Training when she first took on the role as Chamber President. In this new role, she was presented with new challenges leading a team with their own responsibilities. Caitlin says this of her new team, “Each team member at the Chamber is like their own silo, the President’s challenge is to pull them all together under a common goal and unify work”. This is where Strategic Doing and the 10 Skills for Agile Leadership came into play – it provided a set of practical skills for working with a team.

The Shoals Chamber of Commerce operates as a partner-driven organization, necessitating adept leadership to navigate through a network of stakeholders. The principles of Strategic Doing allowed Caitlin to align various stakeholders with the Chamber’s mission, creating a cohesive ecosystem that worked in harmony to achieve common goals. Her confidence in the training is evident through her proactive action of sending numerous co-workers to the program and enthusiastically endorsing it to community leaders.

Caitlin Burns’ role as the President of the Shoals Chamber of Commerce exemplifies the potential of effective leadership guided by the principles of Strategic Doing. Her dedication to unifying a diverse team, aligning stakeholders, and inspiring a broader community showcases how agile leadership can yield tangible results.

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