Experience Lean Process Improvement with Mark Robinson at UNA

Mark Robinson

Hi, I’m Mark and I’ll be at the University of North Alabama in Florence on July 15 and 16.  

“Who are you?” and “Why are you telling me this?” are among the questions I hear you ask. 

“Who are you?” and “Why are you telling me this?” are among the questions I hear you ask. 

Okay, who am I? 

I’m Mark Robinson, the Managing Director of St Andrews Lean Consulting. For the last 17 years, I have delivered Lean training, facilitated Lean process improvement events, and advised on the establishment of Lean improvement programs.

Diverse Clients, Global Reach

My clients come from a range of sectors, including charity, government, health, higher and further education, law, medical research, philanthropy, and retail. They can be found around the globe in countries such as Australia, Ghana, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, the UK, and the USA.

Why am I telling you this?

Why I’m Excited to See You in Florence

I’m returning to the University of North Alabama to deliver my interactive Lean process improvement training program. I’ll be covering the key concepts of Lean – the 2 Fundamentals, the 5 Principles, and the 8 Wastes. Your learnings will be reinforced by activities. There’s a lot to learn by throwing a juggling ball around. And in another activity, how well did you listen to those instructions? And where is number 5? We’ll also cover how to apply Lean daily. After all, Lean is not something you bring out every now and then, it’s a way of thinking and working every moment of every day. And what’s great about it, its not complicated.

What You’ll Learn in My Lean Training Program

Hands-On Learning: Activities That Make Lean Fun

I’ll also take you through a model for process improvement and then you’ll take part in a simulated rapid improvement event. You’ll learn how to map a process, generate and analyze ideas for improvement, and create a much-improved process. You’ll find out the easiest way to improve a process is to stop doing those things you don’t need to do. But what are those things? How do you identify them? And then what? For those answers and more, come along on 15 and 16 July. 

For more details about the Class:

Real Feedback from Past Participants

In case you’re wondering what others have said about my training programs, here’s a sample:

“Thank you so much for a really informative and helpful eye-opening program. It changed my way of thinking and way of approaching problems forever!” That was from someone who attended an earlier program at the University of North Alabama.

From Berea College in Kentucky, “Someone said before I came that I could check email if it got boring—it was never boring! I enjoyed the heck out of this.”

What did they have to say across the pond? From Brunel University London, “The programme was very good but the most enjoyable aspect was working with Mark. His approach is fantastic.”

And from the University of Professional Studies, Accra, Ghana, “In all it was a very good programme and I will love to do it again.”

“I will love to do it again”. What a vote of confidence.

How to Register

In case you’re wondering how to register for the program for the first time, head to:

Looking forward to meeting you at the University of North Alabama on July 15 and 16.