Batting a thousand?

Last week our podcast (which is still a bit like this Little League-r) hit a big milestone. We’re batting a thousand – podcast downloads, that is.

It’s a modest achievement, to be sure – but it’s a start. If you’ve not yet “tuned in,” as the OK Boomer set likes to say, we hope you will. We work from a few simple premises:

First, it’s short. No more than 20 minutes. Some of us enjoy long form writing, and the same goes for podcasts. You might be looking for something to accompany you on your (long) morning run. There are plenty of wonderful choices out there and undoubtedly many that will resonate. With ours, you’re getting just a small taste of someone that we think has something important to say.

Second – you’ll notice that it’s mostly that person talking. You might get a bit of back-and-forth, or a follow-up question, or an observation from me as the host, but for the most part – especially because it’s short – we want you to hear from them.

And third, there’s always some connection to our work at the Lab – whether close or distant. Sometimes the person is talking explicitly about one of our solutions (especially Strategic Doing; many of the episodes are co-presented with the Strategic Doing Institute). Other times, the connection is more at a conceptual level – there’s an overlap between their expertise and our approaches, or the guest’s work centers on a theme that’s something we incorporate into our own work.

Beyond that – we’re still finding our way. As we do that, we invite you to listen and to subscribe (we’re on the most popular platforms, including Apple, Google, and Spotify – as well as the original Podbean platform on which we produce the episodes). If you subscribe, we’d appreciate your leaving a review as well – and, if you’re so inclined, sharing an episode or the whole podcast with your own network. A thousand podcast downloads is a nice first step, but we’re getting ready for the big leagues.