Strategic Innovation in Food Technology

Agile approaches to strategy and innovation in technology-rich environment is a relatively new field. The availability of strategic innovation tools and techniques, specifically designed for food technology, is significantly lacking.

THAT is about to change.

Marcela Martinez is our very first PhD student and this is the focus of her studies. Marcela has an MS in Food Science from Purdue and in August she began her PhD studies focusing on the application of agile strategy in food technology.

Together with Ms. Martinez, the Purdue Agile Strategy Lab in partnership with the MatchBOX Coworking Studio, will be beta testing a new strategic innovation solution for food technology in a few weeks, showcasing how an open innovation approach can help food-related professionals innovate and create new market value through collaboration.

We are excited about this beta test and even more excited about what happens after the beta test! We’ll be quickly making any needed adjustments to the approach and readying ourselves for full-scale dissemination of this strategic innovation solution in food technology.

Interested? Let us know.