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Teaching the Deep Skills of Collaboration in Middle School

In a few weeks, we will be beta testing an exciting new version of Strategic Doing: The Game. It is designed in partnership with young adult novelist Noah Knox Marshall. Ubuntu will teach middle-school students the deep skills of collaboration in the context of STEM. You can learn more about the adventures of Dax Zander from…

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Developing Visual Literacy: Understanding the Skills Gap

At the Agile Lab, we use visualizations to capture insights about systems. Increasingly, we recognize challenges we face are related to complex systems that we cannot see. So, we turn to drawing. This task is not too dissimilar to the challenges of facing the life sciences. Not surprisingly, fields like systems biology have moved toward…

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Teaching high school students the deep skills of collaboration

Over the last few week’s we’ve worked with two high schools: Applied Technical High School in, Bergen County, NJ and the Purdue Polytechnic High School in Indianapolis. In both cases, faculty members are using Strategic Doing to develop innovative programming. Both schools are also beginning to consider how we can move the discipline into the curriculum.…

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