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Author: Ed Morrison

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Tim Luzader, Executive Director of the Center for Career Opportunities (CCO), asked the Lab to explore how agile strategy disciplines might move the CCO to a new level of productivity and performance.  The CCO would like to design new ways to deliver career services across campus. The...

Last week, at the invitation of  the Montana Manufacturing Extension Center (MMEC) and this City of Bozeman, we conducted a draft day certification training in Strategic Doing. In conducting this training we partnered with  the University of North Alabama. UNA is a leading partner for...

Indiana’s opioid crisis creates severe challenges for state and local governments. The scope of the crisis transcends the capacity of any one agency. Collaboration and experimentation are essential. With the leadership of Paul Griffin at the Regenstrief  Center for Health Care Engineering and Tomas Diaz de...

Through our collaboration with the University of the Sunshine Coast, we developed a close relationship with Mike Heffernan and Pam Wardner.   In December 2016, we launched a test initiative, called Strategic Doing Australia in order to capitalize on the work we've been doing at...

We are seeing a growing demand  for our work in agile strategy. Why is this so? We see two major forces are at work. First, the environments in which most organizations operate has become far more complex, fluid and unstable. For the organization, this  more volatile...

From July 24-August 4, our colleague Nino Ardilio from Fraunhofer IAO will be on campus conducting workshops. For the past four years, the Lab and Fraunhofer IAO have been partnering to integrate their work in technology and innovation management. For the past two years, we...