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Author: Ed Morrison

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The course brings together theories and insights from a variety of disciplines including engineering, management, psychology, and social science. Increasingly, leaders are being called upon to apply their expertise in collaborative environments that cut across organizational units and inter-organizational boundaries. Understanding how to design and guide...

Several undergraduate and graduate engineering students have approached the Lab about learning the disciplines of agile strategy. To address these requests we are designing a pop-up class, based on our successful graduate level course in Engineering Technology. The pop-up class will introduce students to the concepts...

The Lab has established a partnership in The Hague, where we do training. Our next training is scheduled for April. Meanwhile, participants in our last training are moving along the path to certification. (In addition, our first class was so enthusiastic about what they were...

Both markets and technologies are changing rapidly. Finding new markets for existing technologies and new technologies for existing markets is often a complex challenge. Agile Innovation is the latest solution set from the Purdue Agile Strategy Lab. For the past four years, we've been partnering with...

The Agile Lab is participating in the work of the Engineering Change Lab based in Canada.  Launched in 2015, the Engineering Change Lab is focused on "unlocking the higher potential of engineering" in Canada. It is composed of 40 leaders from the private sector, universities,...

Engineering departments are complex systems. To transform them, we need teams. The most productive of these teams follow a discipline to design and guide their conversations. These conversations lead to new collaborations: new maker spaces, new courses, new certifications, new entrepreneurship initiatives. We have learned from...

This week, we worked with 150 Purdue Pharmacy students. We used Strategic Doing to help them learn the deep skills of collaboration. Increasingly pharmacists are called upon to help address complex community health challenges. A recent example of the challenges ahead: opioid addiction. Pharmacists need to be sensitive...

We have been working with our colleagues at Michigan State University to adapt our agile strategy training to the specific circumstances of distressed communities. These disinvested neighborhoods present particular challenges. The starting point in these communities is different. They face a history of disinvestment that produces...

Purdue and Ohio State are collaborating to bring agile strategy to the networks that Ohio State is building through its engagement mission. In January, we traveled to Columbus to present an overview of Strategic Doing to 90 participants in the Ohio State Community Engagement Conference. We...

The Lab  has entered the I-Corps program to explore the development of an interactive platform that would help companies in the food industry accelerate innovation. The idea for this spin out emerged from discussions with Bruce Hammaker  at the Whistler Center for Carbohydrate Research. Here's the...