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Several undergraduate and graduate engineering students have approached the Lab about learning the disciplines of agile strategy. To address these requests we are designing a pop-up class, based on our successful graduate level course in Engineering Technology. The pop-up class will introduce students to the concepts...

The Agile Lab is participating in the work of the Engineering Change Lab based in Canada.  Launched in 2015, the Engineering Change Lab is focused on "unlocking the higher potential of engineering" in Canada. It is composed of 40 leaders from the private sector, universities,...

Engineering departments are complex systems. To transform them, we need teams. The most productive of these teams follow a discipline to design and guide their conversations. These conversations lead to new collaborations: new maker spaces, new courses, new certifications, new entrepreneurship initiatives. We have learned from...

In August 2016, during a faculty retreat for the School of Mechanical Engineering, we launched teams to begin  the transformation of the School. (We are working under an NSF grant. We launched this work under the umbrella of re|course. You can visit the re|course web...

The Agile Strategy Lipids in the midst of forming teams of students, faculty and staff to transform the School of Mechanical Engineering. Under a National Science Foundation grant, we are experimenting with a new approach to transforming engineering education. Research underscores the challenge. While numerous...