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Over the past three years, the Lab has been building a partnership with the University of Oregon to become a affiliate in the Strategic Doing university network.  Earlier this month, Liz Nilsen of the Lab traveled to Eugene to assist Bob Parker of OU's Community Service...

This week, we worked with 150 Purdue Pharmacy students. We used Strategic Doing to help them learn the deep skills of collaboration. Increasingly pharmacists are called upon to help address complex community health challenges. A recent example of the challenges ahead: opioid addiction. Pharmacists need to be sensitive...

We have been working with our colleagues at Michigan State University to adapt our agile strategy training to the specific circumstances of distressed communities. These disinvested neighborhoods present particular challenges. The starting point in these communities is different. They face a history of disinvestment that produces...

For the second half of the year, the Lab as an ambitious schedule for conducting 2 1/2 day training in Leading Complex Collaboration.  We conduct this training with our  growing network of  College and university partners. The schedule so far includes: Bozemon, MT: August 14-16:...

This week, we kick off our partnership with Howard University. We are conducting a 2.5 day practitioner training at the beautiful new Interdisciplinary Research Building in Washington DC. Here is a additional background on how Howard University is building its innovation ecosystem.  This past week,...

Not the trucks - we're headed to Granite City, Illinois in early February to work with a large group of people that are passionate about the future of that city - once home to a thriving steel plant, but now looking for new ways to...