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Lab’s First MOOC: 1,800+ Participants from 124 Countries

In an experiment with FutureLearn, Purdue’s online partner, the Lab has launched a three-week introductory course on agile strategy. The course provides participants with an introduction to the concepts of agile strategy and why new approaches to strategy are needed.  Strategy in open, loosely connected networks relies on a different dynamic than traditional strategic planning.…

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Introducing Cognitive Diversity to Purdue Students

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Purdue students have a difficult time with team assignments. Too often, unproductive members of the team drag down productivity and increase the frustration of other members. Until now, Purdue faculty have not had a systematic approach to providing students with the skills to manage complex collaborations. The AEM-Cube(TM) – developed by our European colleagues at Human…

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Louisiana Child and Maternal Health

On July 9, the Lab spent a day in Alexandria, Louisiana tackling the difficult  challenges of child and maternal health.  This workshop highlights a growing area of interest among public health workers in the agile strategy work we are developing at Purdue. Louisiana’s Bureau of Family Health is housed within the Office of Public Health’s Center…

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