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Fostering Collaboration on a Local Level

Jacob Moses and I explore how city leaders can grow their economies by fostering collaboration on a local level, including how to find existing assets in your community, how to encourage existing organizations to focus on a shared goal, and how to move forward by relentlessly focusing on “doing the doable”.

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Podcast for Economic and Community Developers

A few weeks ago, I spent some time with Dennis Fraise of Develop This!, a podcast for economic and community developers. In this first podcast, I start by providing some background on the development of the Agile Strategy Lab at Purdue. The Lab is the place at Purdue where people learn the skills to address…

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Three Hurdles to Digital Transformation

To transform our organizations and economies to higher levels of productivity, prosperity and sustainability, we need to design new systems from the assets of the old. That requires collaboration, a set of skills with which most leaders are unfamiliar.  It stands to reason. Today’s leaders came of age within organizations designed for an industrial age.…

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