Addressing the Needs of Indiana’s Critical Access Hospitals

The Lab is collaborating with Purdue Healthcare Advisors to accelerate collaboration within Indiana’s critical access hospitals. This designation, established by Congress in the late 1990s, responds to the widespread pattern of closures among rural hospitals in the 1980s and early 1990s.

These hospitals are continuing to struggle. They are financially vulnerable, yet they are critical to access to health care in rural communities.  These hospitals are small with fewer than 25 beds.  Indiana has 35 critical access hospitals.

Purdue Healthcare Advisors  is introducing the discipline of Strategic Doing to accelerate collaboration within the hospital and to help them become more productive.

After a recent workshop, a member of the PHA  staff wrote to us, “Wow, we had a great workshop last week!  I was thrilled with the engagement of the team members at each of the tables and I am very excited about the impact this effort will have in these hospitals.”

Based on the success we are seeing in this collaboration, we are looking for ways in which to integrate agile strategy into the offerings of Purdue Healthcare Advisors.