Agile Strategy in Health Care: Sharon Murphy Enright

Healthcare is a complex area that is ripe for improved collaboration. By deepening the skills of collaboration within and among health care professionals, the productivity of our healthcare investments can be dramatically improved. The Lab is already working to explore these opportunities.

  • We are providing training to Purdue pharmacy students.  Tn the years ahead the community pharmacist will likely become a more pivotal player in a community’s  health care system. By training produce students in the deep skills of collaboration, we are preparing the next generation of pharmacists for these opportunities.
  • In Australia, we are working with the Primary Health Network system in Queensland. Australia’s Primary Health Networks represent an  investment by the federal government in organizing health care supports within communities to keep people out of the hospital.
  • With Purdue Health Advisors and the Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering we have begun to explore how agile strategy disciplines can help communities, counties and regions address Indiana’s opioid crisis.

From these early explorations, we see health care as a major opportunity for the Lab.

Enter Sharon Murphy Enright

Through an introduction provided by Steve Abel, the Lab is exploring a partnership in health care training with Sharon Murphy Enright to expand our training offerings in healthcare. Sharon has extensive experience at all levels of the healthcare system. You can read her biography here.

She is the recipient of Harvey A.K. Whitney Lecture Award was established in 1950 by the Michigan Society of Hospital Pharmacists.  The award recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to health-system pharmacy. You can read her lecture here.

Sharon visited Purdue in April to begin exploring how we might collaborate. She  will be coming to Purdue again from May 31 to June 2 to participate in our 2 1/2 day practitioner training. During that time we will  begin designing a pilot training that we can rollout in late summer or early fall.