Beta Test of CommPlexity Shows Promising Results

Last week we rolled out a beta test of our new CommPlexity workshop and the data we collected has us very excited. CommPlexity helps people better communicate complex challenges and their ideas, solutions, and strategies for addressing them. It is designed specifically for scientists, engineers, researchers, tech and policy leaders, and others who work in complex environments. You can read more about the workshop here.

Our beta test was with Purdue University graduate students working on masters and PhDs. The purpose was to help them present their research more effectively. Participants were asked to come prepared to give a short presentation about their research. They each gave that talk at the beginning of the workshop. We then worked on several aspects that are part of the CommPlexity Formula. They experimented with incorporating these aspects into their talks, through a series of exercises.

Near the end, they gave their presentation one last time. Listeners were asked to give feedback on both the pre- and post-workshop versions of the presentations. We also gathered data from participants about how they thought what they learned will impact their ability to communicate their research.

Here are the results of the beta test:

Overall Impact: 100% of participants responded that what they learned in the workshop will have a positive impact on their ability to present complex information.

Listener Interest: After the first workshop listeners reported an 11% gain in their level of interest in learning more about the speakers’ topic as compared to the speakers’ pre-workshop presentations.

Strong Narrative: 100% of participants reported that using the CommPlexity Narrative Structure will strengthen the way the present complex information.

Authentic Voice: 86% of respondents reported that after the workshop the speakers presented with more authentic voices as compared to their pre-workshop presentations.

We’ll be offering an open-enrollment workshop soon so stay tuned if you are interested. Also, we are booking dates in 2018 for organizations that want us to conduct workshops on site. If you would like to learn more about that option or to book a workshop, contact us soon.