Expanding Our Engagement with NASA

We are now designing our third 2-day workshop for NASA. We started with Space Biology. Next, we focused on building collaborations between Space Biology and the Human Research Program.

Now we are designing a workshop among units in two different directorates. In addition to Space Biology and the Human Research Program, this new workshop will include Astrobiology and Planetary Protection.

Together these four units compose the Life Sciences Capability Research Team. The Team is focused on two key questions:

  1. Does NASA have the proper Life Sciences Research capability to execute current and future missions efficiently?
  2. If not, what corrective measures are needed?

The Team has begun exploring the following:

  •  Present Capabilities
    • What capabilities do we have now?
    • What capabilities do we need now?
    • Does current technical capacity match current demand?
    • How much overlap/resiliency/redundancy exists now across the centers?
  • Future Capabilities Beyond the International Space Station
    • What capabilities do we need for future missions?
    • How sensitive are capability needs to the choice of a roadmap, mission architecture, etc.?
    • How does projected capacity match projected demand?
    • How much overlap/resiliency/redundancy is planned across the centers?
  • Collaborations
    • What collaborations across field centers or programs within each capability would be beneficial?
    • What collaborations across field centers or programs and between capabilities would be beneficial?
    • What collaborations with external organizations would be beneficial?

We will focus our workshop on building out collaborations.

We have organized the workshop as follows: