Expanding our footprint with Mississippi State

Two years ago, we began working with the University of North Alabama to bring our agile strategy disciplines to their university.  We conducted a regional workshop in which Craig James, a workforce development professional from Northeast Mississippi Community College attended.  After experiencing excitement in the workshop, Criag contacted Joe Fratesi at the Stennis Institute  at Mississippi State University.

Joe and his colleague Jeremy Murdoch  Have since gone on to become  Strategic Doing practitioners.  They have worked with the team at the University of North Alabama to spread the Strategic Doing discipline to small towns across Mississippi.

In order to introduce the new discipline, Joe and his colleagues  developed a new version of  Strategic Doing: The Game designed specifically for the challenges of small towns in Mississippi. We look forward to continue working with Mississippi State as we build out our network. We have connected the team at Mississippi State with our colleagues at the University of Oregon, since both team are working on the challenges of developing statregies for small towns.

“In my job at Northeast MS Community College, we are focused on workforce training and economic development across our district (and North Mississippi). So…I thought it a good idea for our division team to go through this process to achieve the best use of resources at our disposal.”

Craig James, Northeast Mississippi Community College

Now, Craig at Northeast Mississippi Community College is taking his team through the training offered by the University of North Alabama.

Five years ago, working with Vic Lechtenberg and Same Cordes, we developed a model for scaling Strategic Doing. The good news: our approach is working.