Four Award Finalists Deploy Strategic Doing

Every year,  the University Economic Development Association conducts a highly regarded awards program to celebrate the accomplishments of universities exploring new approaches to university engagement. Each year, UEDA members compete for the prestigious Awards of Excellence, which recognize outstanding, leading-edge higher education projects and initiatives promoting economic development and engagement.

In addition, each year, the awards are adjusted to reflect the continuous changes taking place in university engagement. You can learn more about the Awards program here.

This year’s  awards included four finalists that  deployed Strategic Doing. They included:

  • The New Jersey Institute of Technology: In 2014, the New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII) was formed as an NJIT corporation to act as the organizational centerpiece of the New Jersey Institute of Technology’s (NJIT) economic and technology development mission.   The Lab has been active in supporting the Institute with its partnership with Fraunhofer IAO. More here.
  • Lehigh University:  An outgrowth of the Lab’s work with 50 universities to transform undergraduate engineering education, Lehigh has adopted Strategic Doing as a methodology to implement its better Lehigh-KEEN (Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network) initiative, a comprehensive multi-phased initiative to revolutionize engineering education. More here
  • Selkirk College: Rural Development Institute (RDI) at Selkirk College designed its Regional Workforce Development in Rural BC following the Lab’s model of regional workforce innovation. The Lab has been supporting Selkirk with training and guidance in Strategic Doing since 2015. More here.
  • Northern Illinois University: The Lab has been working with NIU for six years, and this is the second time NIU has been recognized as a UEDA finalist, based on its deployment of Strategic Doing. NIU Engineering @ RVC represents a community-based, industry-integrated workforce development solution to address the demand for engineers. More here.

Attendees of the UEDA Annual Conference selected Lehigh and Northern Illinois as winners in their category. You can learn more about the UEDA awards here.