Fraunhofer Workshops at the Lab: July 24-Aug 4

From July 24-August 4, our colleague Nino Ardilio from Fraunhofer IAO will be on campus conducting workshops. For the past four years, the Lab and Fraunhofer IAO have been partnering to integrate their work in technology and innovation management. For the past two years, we have been piloting this work in New Jersey with the New Jersey Innovation Institute.

Fraunhofer has build powerful platforms and protocols for identifying research hot spots, connecting technologies to markets, and identifying technologies that can disrupt markets.

Working with the Lab, Fraunhofer IAO is now introducing these platforms to the U.S. market. You can learn more from the Fraunhofer IAO web site.

Also, here is a slide deck on Research Landscaping: Identifying hot spots for the development of new technologies:

Here is a slide deck on Fraunhofer’s approach to identifying markets for new technologies.

If you would like to learn more, or if you would like to design a workshop for your organization, please contact Ed Morrison.