Growth of Strategic Doing in Australia

For the past four years, we have been patiently building a foundation for our agile strategy work in Australia and New Zealand. With our colleagues Mike Hefferan, Pam Wardner and Paul Collits,  we been exploring opportunities to expand our Purdue footprint.

We are focusing in three areas:

  1.  Health care.–  Australia has primary health networks throughout the country.   These networks  of healthcare providers and social service organizations are designed to keep people out of the hospital. We have begun working with the primary health network on the Sunshine Coast.  Most recently, Mike and Pam conducted a workshop in on the Sunshine Coast in suicide prevention.
  2. Regional Universities Network.–  After a recent presentation to the engagement leadership of the Regional Universities Network, three universities have expressed interest in moving ahead with projects.
  3.  Regional Training Organizations.–  Australia has a set of registered training organizations (RTO’s) that are licensed by the government. We are working with a leading RTO in Brisbane, Jigsaw.