Have a bite: introducing our new podcast

For some time, we’ve had discussions with people that made us think, “Wow, that would make a good podcast.” We’ve just dropped the first episode, and invite you to give a listen. At least to start, we’re not focusing on long, interview-style discussions. If those can be likened to a relaxed meal with friends, think of our podcast more as an appetizer, served on a plate that’s coming around the room. Episodes are short and designed to whet your appetite to learn more or try out a new skill.

The first episode is taken from the most-recent Third Thursday for the Strategic Doing community. The UNA Lab’s director (and developer of Strategic Doing) discusses how the “4 Questions” of Strategic Doing can be used in a 1:1 conversation to jump start a strategy.

The podcast is available here via Podbean (our podcast host), but also on Apple and Spotify. More options – Google, Pandora – are coming soon.