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Introducing Cognitive Diversity to Purdue Students

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Purdue students have a difficult time with team assignments. Too often, unproductive members of the team drag down productivity and increase the frustration of other members. Until now, Purdue faculty have not had a systematic approach to providing students with the skills to manage complex collaborations. The AEM-Cube(TM) – developed by our European colleagues at Human…

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Need to Communicate Complex Ideas? Introducing CommPlexity

Many of us work not only work with complex ideas, we need to explain them to others in clear, compelling ways. We’re rolling out a new offering to help. The best ideas and solutions paint a picture of a future that others can see, others can feel. They allow us to envision that future state…

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Introducing Agile Strategy to Whitestown

Over the past year, we have been introducing agile strategy skills to the town of Whitestown. One of the fastest growing localities in Indiana, the Whitestown government is exploring new ways to build collaborations more effectively. We started  our engagement in Whitestown with a Strategic Doing training for professional staffs and administrators. Last week, we…

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