Lab collaborates with IBM Partner: Social Student

To extend agile strategy into the campus and engage students, the Lab has been developing a partnership with Social Student, and IBM partner company.

Social Student is based on IBM technology. The platform provides a safe, secure, reliable and easy to use environment that allows faculty, staff, administrators, alumni and (most importantly) students to collaborate.

Now Social Student is working with the Lab to embed the Strategic Doing workflow on to the Social Student platform.

We all know the problem.

Employers want our graduates have the skills of collaboration and communication to work across diverse teams. We design curricula that calls for project-based learning with teams of students.

Yet, don’t teach our students the deep skills of collaboration.

The Lab has set up to fill this gap. By developing curricula that peaches the deep skills of complex collaboration, what we call Strategic Doing, we are integrating a new strategy discipline into the undergraduate curriculum.

The principals at Social Student  approached us at the Agile Strategy Lab to see if we would be interested in integrating our work on to their platform. Here’s a video of how Social Student has been deployed at the University of  Southern California:

We are now experimenting with Social Student/Strategic Doing integration, and we intend to introduce it to our Purdue Grad Ops team in the fall. The Grad Ops team represents about 15 members of the Purdue Graduate Student Government who have been trained in Strategic Doing. Working with the Lab, the Grant Ops team is helping the Lab introduce Strategic Doing across the Purdue campus.

Stay tuned.